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Analysis of electroplating problem of connector

2020-10-28 20:50:13

1. Abnormal color of gold layer

The color of the gold plating layer of the connector is inconsistent with that of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts in the same matching product is different

2. Influence of impurities on gold plating raw materials

When the impurities brought by the chemical material added to the plating solution exceed the tolerance of the gold plating solution, the color and brightness of the gold layer will be affected quickly. If it is caused by organic impurities, the phenomenon of darkening and blooming of the gold layer will appear. The position of darkening and blooming is not fixed on the Hauer cell test piece. If it is caused by metal impurities, the effective range of current density will be narrowed, and the pin pin connector shows the current density of the test piece The low end is not bright or the high end is not bright, and the low end is not plated. It is reflected that the plating layer is red or even black, and the color change in the hole is obvious.

3. The current density of gold plating is too high

Due to the wrong calculation of the total area of the parts in the plating bath, the value is larger than the actual surface area, so that the amount of gold plating current is too large, or the amplitude is too small when the vibration plating is used. In this way, all or part of the gold plating in the plating bath crystallizes rough, and the gold layer turns red by visual inspection.

In connector electroplating, due to the high electrical performance requirements of contact, the gold plating process plays an important role in connector electroplating. At present, except for some of the strip connectors using selective plating technology, a large number of pinhole bulk parts are still plated with barrel plating and vibration plating. In recent years, the size of connector has developed to be more and more miniaturized, and pin pin plating technology is widely used The quality problems of gold plating in the pinhole parts of connectors are becoming more and more prominent, and the quality requirements of the gold layer are becoming higher and higher. Some users are even very picky about the appearance quality of the gold layer. In order to ensure the quality and adhesion of the gold plating layer of connectors, these common quality problems are always the key to improve the quality of the gold plating of connectors. The reasons for these quality problems are discussed below Line by line sub board for discussion.




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